Class Information

Class Information

For Us By Us....PrEP and Sex Positive Summit
New Orleans, LA
Credit Hours:

Vision: To expand the continued use of PrEP, expanding PrEP and pleasure to communities 

PrEP for all with the acknowledgment having a conversation about PrEP, both positive and negative, conversations around pleasure, it is not HIV focused, but normalizing the conversation to remove stigma, healthy sexual lives.


For Us By Us...PrEP and Sex Positive Summit

Please make note if you will be attending virtually or in person!


Date: June 17 & 18, 2022


New Orleans, Louisiana


Hybrid: In-Person & Virtual




Day 1: PrEP




11:00 AM – 11:10 AM EST

Welcome, Introductions, Land Acknowledgement, and Overview of Summit Goals


11:10 AM – 12:45 PM EST

This Is Not Your Grandma’s PrEP: State of the Science, Community Real Talk 


Connecting with Priority Populations: Lessons from COVID-19 and Beyond  30 min

Small Breakout Discussion 20 min 10 min large group. 

12:45 PM – 1:00 PM BREAK

1:00 PM - 

3:00 PM EST

Introducing PrEP, Negotiating Pleasure, and Play


Day One Evaluation and Adjourn

Day 2: Pleasure

2:00 PM – 

2:05 PM EST 

Welcome Back & HouseKeeping


2:05 PM -

3:30 PM EST

Community Q&A / Panel PrEP, Negotiating Pleasure, and Play

Discussing PrEP, Community, Hormone Therapy Taking and taking PrEP, Sharing PReP & Hormones, IS  2-1-1 Realistic


3:30 PM – 3:45 PM BREAK

3:45 PM-

5:15 PM EST

World Cafe Negotiating Pleasure

Discover opportunities of normalizing sex positive and pleasureable onversations in Black and Latinx communities - further removing HIV stigma and sexual health misconceptions as barriers to PrEP and other HIV prevention services. 


5:15 PM -

5:45 PM EST

Group Discussion 

5:45 PM - 

6:00 PM EST

Day Two Evaluations and Adjourn