Technical Assistance

Our Experience

The Denver PTC provides technical assistance to public and private organizations as well as non-profit and healthcare organizations including public health departments, hospitals, and clinics. The Denver PTC helps identify needs and improve services on an organizational level.

-To help a clinic in Mississippi establish HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis service (PrEP)

- To help a healthcare system implement social justice and health equity reforms in their organization.

revising clinical

The DPTC helps develop new and revise existing clinical protocols to align with the latest recommendations and state-of-the-art care.

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Clinical Protocol Review

The DPTC reviews clinical protocols and make recommendations to improve care, patient flow, and access to services.

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Enhancing Efficiency of Clinical Services

The DPTC helps healthcare providers across the United States to deliver more effective and efficient services to communities.

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The DPTC assists healthcare organizations to establish and implement HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) in their clinics and pharmacies.

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Scaling up HIV prevention services in clinical settings

The DPTC helps initiate, improve, and expand HIV prevention services in healthcare organizations.

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Capacity Building

The DPTC provides capacity building services to improve the skills and services of healthcare providers and their organizations.

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